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Also serving Washington, Ozaukee, Fond Du Lac, Dodge, Milwaukee, and Waukesha Counties.
John A. Best has over 20 years of experience in handling cases in the following service areas:

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John A. Best

-Principal Attorney


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Washington County "Every 15 Minutes" program supporter


This program is designed to dramatically instill among all teenagers the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking and driving. Every 15 minutes refers to the fact that a person is killed in an alcohol-related traffic crash every 15 minutes. Washington County Injury Prevention Coalition



West Bend Bombers Supporter

Once again proudly sponsoring West Bend Bombers Local Hockey Team!





Eagle Scout Leadership Project Supporter

John A. Best supports completion of handicap accessible hunting stand in Newburg along with The Ozaukee Washington Land Trust.


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Attorney John A. Best is a certified Mediator and has mediated hundreds of cases involving custody and placement.

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Court Commissioner Services:

•     Wedding ceremonies

•    Court hearings

•    Mediation services

•    Family court educational services





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