Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Alternative for Divorcing couples

The Law Office of John A. Best knows divorce can be a difficult exercise in restructuring the family. In a Collaborative Divorce we focus on the interests of all family members with a special focus on the children.


It's a unique, reasonable approach to handling a divorce or other family law matter, founded on three core principles:

  • a written pledge not to fight in court, and withdrawal of the hired professionals if either party chooses to fight in court
  • open communication between the parties with an honest and good faith exchange of information
  • negotiations leading to a mutually acceptable settlement that takes into account the highest priorities of all family members



At the The Law Office of John A. Best we help divorcing and separating couples and families reach agreements through dialogue with full legal support from trained professionals.

With the help of practical long terms solutions, we can assist you and your family in moving forward. Our process can result in a better quality outcome with less stress and greater control than going to court.


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