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Custody and Child Support


Some of the most important decisions divorcing parents must make involve child support and child custody.

When two people have children together but then split apart, they will always remain somewhat connected because of the children. Custody and Child Support issues can continue until your children reach adulthood, and this can be very frustrating. The Law Office of John Best can help you work through the issues that have arisen. Wisconsin has guidelines to follow to determine child support. It is a good starting point but certain factors can alter the final amount. We take into consideration all issues and will argue for a reasonable child support figure. Once child support has been set it does not mean it is for life. Circumstances can change through the years and an experienced attorney can assist you in requesting the necessary change in child support.

When the Court determines custody of the minor children they look at what is in the best interest of the child. That may be accurate at the time of the divorce/separation, but circumstances change. The custodial parent may have been evicted and is homeless, or is in trouble with the law and maybe even spending time in jail or prison, or just plain is not giving the proper care and attention to the children. Custody can be changed and the Law Office of John A. Best can present the facts to the Court and argue your case for a change of placement. This is not an easy task, but with an experienced attorney by your side in court your chances of winning are far greater. Please contact us for a consultation


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