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During the divorce process mediation might be ordered by the Court particularly if the case involves a dispute regarding custody or placement. See our Mediation FAQ for answers to basic mediation questions.

A mediator is often a licensed attorney with special training in mediation. The mediator has no ties or relationship to any party in the divorce action. Mediation is typically conducted only with the two parties and the mediator. It is a means of communication between the parties with an unbiased professional guiding and facilitating the parties to reach agreements in their pending divorce. In many cases something positive comes out of mediation. Unfortunately not all parties can always come to a mutual agreement and mediation is discontinued.

Attorney John A. Best is dedicated to the process of mediation and has special training as a mediator. If you are going through a divorce and think mediation might help, have your attorney contact our office. If you and your spouse are not represented by attorneys and are proceeding with your case pro se, feel free to contact Attorney John A. Best to discuss whether mediation is appropriate for your case.


Considering Mediation?


Attorney John A. Best is a certified Mediator and has mediated hundreds of cases involving custody and placement.