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Estate Planning


There is no one-size-fits-all estate plan. We can help you devise a personalized plan that ideally suits your needs.

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  Last Will and Testament

Wills are instruments that provide for a particular disposition of property upon the owner’s death. A will is a commonly used estate planning tool and can perform functions other than property disposition. For example, a will may be used to appoint guardians for the person and estates of minor children. Additionally, wills may be used in conjunction with trusts to achieve a wide variety of other estate planning objectives. A will should also name a personal representative (a.k.a. executor) to administer the estate after the testator’s death.

The estate planning attorney’s role is to actively participate in determining family facts, needs and goals to assist the client in designing an estate plan that accomplishes those objectives and achieves the client’s specific wishes.

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  Basic Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a very useful tool for many persons and for many circumstances.

A power of attorney is an instrument whereby one person, the principal, authorizes another person to act as the principal’s agent or attorney-in-fact with regard to property management powers and decisions. Generally, under the terms of a power of attorney, a person is not giving up any powers or rights to control his/her finances and property himself/herself. Instead, in addition to his/her own powers and rights, he/she is granting another person (i.e. the agent) broad powers to handle finances and property. The specific powers and rights that your agent will possess are dependent upon the terms of the power of attorney.

Planning for the future is important. Contact the Law Office of John A. Best for a consultation.


  Health Care Power of Attorney

Make decisions about your health care; the right to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment.

As well as to plan and direct the types of health care you may receive in the event you become unable to express your wishes.

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