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Mediation Frequently Asked Questions


Mediation FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re separating or divorcing, Mediation helps you sort out conflicts and the details – without involving a long, painful court battle or big legal fees. We offer you and your ex-partner a safe, neutral place where John Best, professional mediator, can help you work out what happens after your split.

The Law Office of John Best is here to listen to you and your ex-partner explain your concerns and views to each other and help you reach an agreement around things like arrangements for children, finances, property and other assets.

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  What is Mediation?

"Mediation" is a private and confidential process in which a trained, impartial and neutral person helps the parties in identifying the issues, and their interests, exploring settlement alternatives, and developing their own mutually acceptable solution. Divorce mediation gives couples the option to plan their futures rationally, and in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

  How is Mediation different?

Mediation is based on the principle that people are capable of resolving their own disagreements if given the right support. The mediator helps the spouses to communicate and negotiate but doesn't make any decisions for them. The mediator does not judge who is right or who is wrong, but works with parties to help them arrive at a solution to satisfy their interests.

  Does the mediator meet with both spouses together or separately?

This is a question that divorcing spouses should address in advance with a potential mediator. In some cases mediators work separately with each spouse, acting as an arbitrator. Other times mediators will shuttle between parties at a joint meeting place. In most cases a meeting where both spouses are present is held and communication is more direct.

  How much does mediation cost?

Typically mediations involve an hourly or per-session fee. The number of sessions needed to gather information and negotiate an agreement will vary from couple to couple, so the cost of the mediation will also vary. Mediation, however, will usually be much less costly than litigation.